Wrong deposit exchange

30 days ago I sent the wrong deposit to MXC.

They charged me a fee and said they would return my assets in 22 business days.

They did not return it, they are asking me for proof of withdrawal from my wallet to prove that the shipment was made by me.

But this transaction no longer appears in activities.

How can I achieve this?

I sent the hash, but they also want a screenshot of the withdrawal from my Metamask wallet.

JulioCryptos create professional fake screenshot :rofl: very bad idea

lmao there are more than 300 deposits there from the same portfolio, unfortunately this deposit did not have the token at the brokerage, and they are doing this bureaucracy, but a little goodwill they would be able to see that the same portfolio has already made more than 300 deposits, unfortunately they are not me giving option, and the value is high.

It is Binance Smart Chain transaction or Ethereum mainnet?

Binance Smart Chain BSC

Oh this is bad :roll_eyes: creat next deposit to MXC and send this screenshot.
Or next crazy idea :smile_cat: creat video with your metamask wallet.
There must be another solution :sneezing_face:

They are adamant, I sent BUSD, I was supposed to send USDT, both on the BSC network.

They even listed BUSD recently there, but they took the BUSD out of my wallet and sent it to them, this way when they listed BUSD, there was no more balance to update.

I even sent BUSD from the same wallet there and the balance fell correctly.

It looks like they really want to keep my money.

I see :eye: MXC supports both ERC20 and BEP20 deposit and withdrawal

Why don’t they return it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: this is not a good page.

Exactly, I can send more deposits proving that the wallet is mine, I can make video, I can even reset the wallet and give them the private key.

But they insist on this screenshot of withdrawing the wallet, because they know that I don’t have it in recent activities.

Prove that the wallet is mine, it’s easy and takes many forms.