Metamask extension accounts HACKED w/o keys?

same here, my seed on papper and received a payment and 3 minutes after someone transfered funds to unknow wallet.

also had a hack on my account.
3 hours ago.
account that stole from me was


Your seed on paper does nothing. If you have interacted with the wrong website or approved a malicious contract! To vague mate…you sound like easy pickings.

nah, that account was almost inactive and did unrek check like 1 month before, never claimed those scamm airdrops, had a lot of them but never interacted with any contract in suspicios sites, not a noob buddy, i am also CM in some projects, this looks really weird, also i had notificacion enabled on my imported wallet at TW and received notifications when get some incoming transaction and when sent money, and was slept whe it happened and neither notification was recieved in TW alert.

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Ok… I jumped the gun. Interesting. After I got hacked. A flurry of shitcoins trying to impersonate legit projects. Checked the explorers. No liquidity. All outgoing transactions from one wallet…dusting every wallet they can see.
Whats your take on Ledger used with Metamask? Is this the holy grail of protection?
I lost 60K taken from my wallet and broken up from 4 farms I was in.
I was in so many farms that collapsed and never revoked old contracts. Never fell for send me your seed. Would not be that stupid.

Same for me.
All ether transfered

Same for me, my wallet left in 0 from the same account
no suspicious links clicked, no password shared
what is going on here

Do you guys think that Reclaim Crypto could be a solution for this?

I have lodged a ticket on their side, but if its not over 500 thousand $ there’s a small chance they will look at it.

With my case, the ETH was transferred to an account, but on this account, this is the only transaction.

Like there are no other in or out transactions at all. It looks like its in some holding account.
If anyone is interested here’s the TXID perhaps you can share some more knowledge on what’s going on, it doesn’t seem to be a scammer account.
TXID: 0x30b0f73e7bf2d147ff0126cc56bb99624abb6cd9a358e063c6da08ed73f2e9f3

Why do you think it’s not a scammer account?

You can create infinite wallets.
So for every new victim. A new wallet is created.
Just like you could create as many wallets as you want.

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To everyone that has lost money. Let the scumbags know that you know it.
Post comments on there wallet address. You have the power to chase them all the way to the exit. Exchanges have a stolen crypto policy. Learn it! Understand it! Get prepared when you need to follow through.
Reclaim crypto are focusing on money laundering on a massive scale. They don’t care about your nickels and dimes. There resources are limited.
You can follow every transaction on the explorers. I f you want. Its up to you!
Im going to. To all scumbag scammers. I know you are reading. Its game theory.
There is a movement happening.

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Hello my account been hacked also I try to put a review on YouTube it blocked me instantly. I saw a other adress when I was log in uninstalled the account … and try the secret code it failed says wrong code … yesterday I did the same because I had problem s with it and yesterday it works … watch out with chainswap also and metamask … goswapp … problems on problem and more problem account m hacked warning 10-09-2021

Fresh fish! Fresh fish! What are you saying?
Youtube will flag anything that doesn’t suit their algorithm.
Anyone posting! Speak coherent language!

Thank you for this account it sounds like you are savyy to the computer ecosystem and know the ends and outs of how it all works or should work. It seems there is a new sheriff in town with Web3 and Defi that are working in consert to take control of who/how things will be done in their enviroment. I too, have had two tokens removed from my MM without my approval. The total was not as much as your lost but just the same I had no control over what happend. The tokens had just arrived one day and the next day they vanished to a staking, filtered by token holder’s account address that did not belong to me and I had never seen. It showed that the address belonged to the token creator and that I somehow approved the transfer at some point in interacting with the contract creator. I was hurt and baffeled that everywhere I sought help made it appear I actually approved of these transactions and they were not reversible. My loss, however, I did file a complaint with the FTC and will attach the report number to all my correspondence going forward to all the parties involved, MM, the token creator and the Social Network entity they insisted I join as part of the purchase for this new token program i.e. Telegram. They will all be on notice of my filing a legitimate complaint with the authorities. Of course, they can not get back my tokens but there is a record that those entities are on notice. Yes, I too have clean my compters and changed most of my passwords in addition I now lock those damn Web3 wallets I have usually open. My other concern is some of the contracts will be sending more tokens since their contract states you will only receive 1/3 of your total allocations of tokens which leaves you vulnerable to more hacks in the future. I figure keeping the Web3 wallet locked and knowing the date of the token drop will allow me to find a more secure home for my tokens (Witness Protection) until they are ready to be listed on a Central Exchage. Exodus, Electrum or even Ledger are my solutions at the moment. I have learned that any ERC20 token can go to any wallet with an ERC20 address public address connected to a private address wallet like Exodus. I hope it works. If you have any other solutions please. rely with what solutions may help going forward, I am open to anything that will help stop these scammers from getting away with money they have not earned. The new Web3/Defi space IMO is not ready for Prime Time.

That there was someone on my account and I wasn t able to log in

all my tokens were left at 0. I need to know what to do because that account is already connected to my PVU and I can’t change it since the game connects only with metamask and I think the words seeds they cannot be changed

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Same thing happened to me today this address: 0x9a3dbd015b0c50b5603ab1617b1349cd63a52b7d took about 4 PVU i had on my MM account and apparently has been doing it whit many accounts for days!!

Same here, I’m new in metamask I really am. I just send ETH in my metamask wallet and I wait and wait… but nothing happened in my metamask wallet still zero ETH so I decided to go check my wallet in etherscan then OMG my ETH was stolen it say it transfer to
another wallet. but my transaction has already completed, but nothing shows in my MetaMask Wallet 0x7044Cf95afb7092097b62E6A03aD79fd24a48675 this is my MetaMask Wallet and this is the one who pulled out my ETH 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 U can Check in etherscan the history… I’m telling the truth. Can someone or Anybody from metamask help and explain whats wrong with this? U can also check and review the comments in etherscan of this acount 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 all the same comment, all comment says that the tokens where transferred to that said account… Thank you Very Much… Hope You Can HELP Us… SOS plssss…

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same problem. hever exposed private keys or seeds anywhere and never visited any sites where I was asked for private keys.
Did MM ever contact you to try to help? it seems like they just ignore these issues.