Unable to connect MetaMask wallet to Ledger

The ledger live bridge seems to work for Ethereum Network. but I couldn’t connect to our EVM compatible network (Fuse, chainId: 122).

Any ETA or a work around for a fix?
We were very glad when Metamask solved the issues with connecting to custom networks a while ago. Since then we are started to use ledger, now the funds for the regular users are stuck (I hope myetherwallet is working).

Please update my account so I can sign in she what is happening. Thanks ShirleyEdwards

This issue is still not resolved? Have tried with Firefox and Chrome, all latest updated versions. Mac/Metamask/Ledger. Basically completely hamstrung until this gets resolved. What alternatives are there to Metamask that can let me interact with DeFi through my Ledger?

Same here, the bridge only works with TRON, ETH no. I’ve tried using ledgerx with firefox, edge, brave. It worked once with Edge after I cleaned browser files, then system files/cache, rebooted the system, opened ledgerx and metamask.

I have the same issue here. It’s basically locking me out of my ledger, quite a big problem.

I disabled all of my extensions (except Metamask) and viola! It works! Chrome 91.0.4472.101 on Mac OS 11.4 Big Sur. Latest version of Ethereum app 1.7.8 on Ledger and latest version of Ledger Live 2.29.0.

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What extensions did you have installed? If we have any in common that might be the culprit.

I’d suggest you disable everything and go
from there.

I got it to work by Allowing the “Contract Data” in the Etherium App on the Ledger.

As far as I understand if Contract Data is turned to “Not Allowed” you can only transfer ETH. If you “Allow” contract data, it also works for other ERC20 tokens.

So set the contract data to allowed. Open the Etherium app on your ledger → settings → contract data → press the buttons → set it to Allowed.

My metamask bridge integration started working.

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Yup, I am on Mac. it worked for me. See my post above.