Restored Metamask No coins are showing

@crismartinus When you find your ETH address ending: 8313 I’ll help you find the privat key.

Hello, crismartinus,

Thank you for your generous offer.
What I can say, let’s try, I will help you!

I understand that you have “lost” some ETH in differents LP. Right?

Perhaps we can start by exchange emails. OK?
What is your Time Zone? I am in UTC/GMT +2

I’m in UTC + 1. We can do tomorrow ( Tuesday) evening, if that’s OK with you.
By the way, if at some point you’ll be asking me for my seed phrase, let’s not waste each other’s time, OK ?

I tried this program to find adress under my account phrase.
Use it offline only… If you find in here your adres Maby then it has to be found also under imported accounts… Add add till you find it.
I had no luck…

@crismartinus problem solved? :smiley: did not find your ETH address? ending: 8313

Still not yet. And all MM customer support are saying is ‘hey, it has to be another account’ i.e. it can not be the system. The system is faultless. Yet, look at what I found this morning in my wallet.

I mean, how likely is for me to have 500 ETH in my wallet ?! Preposterous.

@crismartinus OMG you rich man :open_mouth: send me 1 ETH…
hehe funny bug… my metamask sometime show 100$ and real balance 10$ :sweat_smile:

This error is strange :thinking: correct seed must show the correct address.

And for tokens in the Binance Smart chain?