Restored Metamask No coins are showing

Do you not see how many people are posting about this issue? So many posts about re-entering seed phrase to open a new account 1 empty account. Doesn’t make any sense.
What is the issue here?
The most frustrating is the support links you offer which are not helpful AT ALL.
Especially the one that talks about this particular issue and just tells you to go to create account. Well, all that does is add a new EMPTY account.

Please give better instructions and what we all should do. This is absurd.


But how do you know which one was yours?

Yes Peaches, I too lost my crypto as well. I went back and forth with MM for over a month getting the most ridiculous advice from them.
I too have my seed phrase and you are right there is no place to add an address. There is no crypto wallet that will allow anyone to add their own public address for they can use that to Scam people to send them crypto. Technically the seed phrase is attached to your MM public address so when you re-install MM this seed phrase is supposed to have your crypto and your personal public address. I tried researching this on Reddit and the internet with no luck. I so wish we could sue MM for their lack of care.

Good Luck

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Hi John,

The lack of care on their part is absurd. I’ve got 15k $ worth of crypto in limbo. And the advice they offer just doesn’t add up to what happened. This glitch doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest.

When I reinstall now, it always does leaf me to the same account… the empty one that was created upon my first reinstall.
If your operating systems is Windows you might be able to regenerate your private key from cache, but I couldn’t pull it off on my Mac.

I didn’t see this coming. Not from miles out.
Sorry to hear you got caught in the glitch too…

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So sorry! I hate this. This is the problem with no regulation. No one can hold them accountable.
If anyone finds a solution to this, please let me know.
Exact same experience here unfortunately.


Hey Peaches,

Yeah its sucks. quick question. What is cache?


Hi everyone,

I was able to fix mine yesterday. My issue is I’m using Metamask in Android browser and when I tried transferring it with seed phrase in Metamask PC, my coins/cryptos are gone.

What I did was add again the customized token (DPET) and network (BNB).

For BNB, I added it’s network to Metamask PC.

While for DPET, I added it’s customized token.

After adding them, amount automatically appears in assets.

I wasn’t to transfer the transaction history/Activity but it is still in my Android Metamask browser so no big deal.

Here’s what I assumed happening when using seed phrase. It creates a new account in our wallet without the added networks and token, you have to add it again.

Hope this helps with your concerns.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I am having the same problem, it happened to me last night I bought BNB and withdraw it to Meta Mask and it didn’t add on my assets after 3 minutes all of my assets (tokens )in Meta Mask are gone. While checking on my history transaction on BSCscan 3 authorized transfers were made at the same time, which I never did. 3 minutes after the withdrawal of BNB to Meta Mask. i tried to reach out to Meta Mask support but all I got is an auto-reply and currently not responding. Can somebody help me through this please I’m begging you all

Hi please help . I restore my account but now it generates different address . I tried to create plenty account hoping it will show up again but it didn’t . Now i lost all my asset amg the game that connected on it . Please help

Original ethereum address attached to account 1 is different after carrying out account recovery by seedphrase? Lost access to my original address and token balances now showing 0

The problem os it changes my main address . Now i cant find where all my asset are . Please help i already have so much connected games on it . Defipet, crypto blade . I dont what to lose all my asset there . Simply because my address was change . I didn’t even know what happen . I just backup my wallet for my phrase . Then when i comnect it again . Its gone . Its different . Please help me . I dont what to lose my asset .

This was suppose to be my add 0x30cd0A5b912fdbAa33Ff8f7874565d1A3188c304

But now its different . Thats why i can connect it to defipet and cryptobalde .

My seed phrase is correct . I know . I just retraced it here in my notebook . There’s no reason that its a different wallet . Please help metamask sir . I really need my asset . Please please please


Hello sir i tried this process you made . But the thing is im having a different address . Iwant to connect that lost address again to my metamask . To have my asset back . Please help thank you

Isthere a way to find my private key? I lost my address too

Hey there,

As far as I know you cannot duplicate the private key.
I too have my 12 seed phrase and my public address and I still cannot create a new MM account and have the option to enter the public address.

It is by far the most aggravating experience I have had in Crypto since I got involved in the space. If you hear anything different or new please post it here.

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Isthere a way to find my private key? I lost my address too

As I’ve outlined in the thread, there are only a few things that can cause different accounts to be generated.

  1. Entering the seed phrase words in the wrong order is the most common cause. People often write the words in columns vertically, and then read the words horizontally. Entering the words in a different order will be accepted and generate different accounts.

  2. Misspelling one of the words in the seed phrase. This is rare because we check if the words are valid, but invalid words shouldn’t be accepted. If you enter a valid word, it will be accepted.

  3. Using the wrong seed phrase.

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How did you get it, when I logged in, I found another address in my wallet, I couldn’t find my old account, it’s not in the json file, how did you do it, thank you

If you mis spelled a word . Then just log out then enter again the seed phrases . But everytime i tried its still giving me different address . And i know my seed phrase is correct because i tried to log in it through mm application before . (Im using a chrome extension ).

Found what. My public address? I just happened to take a snap shot from Etherscan after my first MM transaction. Just a habit I formed.

As stated multiple times throughout this thread, the claims being made here do not seem to be possible, and instead are likely due to one of the following factors:

  1. People entering their seed phrase words in the wrong order or with a typo
  2. Sometimes people are using a completely different seed phrase. Several users who thought they had this issue were able to recover their funds after correcting the order of the words they entered.
  3. Sometimes the users assets are on a different network that they need to re-add to MetaMask (ie. Binance Smart Chain)
  4. Sometimes the users tokens are custom tokens that need to be re-added to their fresh install of MetaMask.

Some individuals have claimed that entering the same secret recovery phrase can create a different set of accounts. We have had a bug bounty of 10ETH opened for this issue since 2018. If anyone can show us an example of a MetaMask install on two different devices producing different accounts, we will pay you 10ETH. Not a single person has ever been able to reproduce this in almost 4 YEARS of this bounty existing, despite many users using MetaMask on multiple devices. Our software engineers have audited the relevant code FOUR times. We’ll look at increasing the bounty even more.


Same issues, hoping they will do something about it. I emailed them last Aug 3 and they say that I’ll have to wait for their reply in 7 days. >_<


Hi there,

I also have trouble finding ways to fix my issue about sending transaction to another address which I didn’t do. How to u use your original address to contact meta mask?